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My name is Michael Aryn.

I'm a self-taught illustrator, graphic designer, and occasional screen printer. I wanted to be an artist for as long as I could remember...I was practically born with a pencil in my hand. As an avid comic book collector since childhood, it was no surprise that I eventually found myself working as a sequential artist. I initially worked with pen and ink, but soon found myself branching out into digital color and painting. It wasn’t until I stumbled across the work of suburban sci-fi artist Simon Stålenhag that my passion for digital painting was truly ignited. Today I work almost exclusively with digital paint, but I still like to bust out the 'ol India ink every once in awhile! 

Naturally, my passion for art does not end with comics. I also create album art, book covers, card games, concept art, logos, and t-shirts. I enjoy working on anything that allows me to express my vision! I have a desire to help others by sharing what I've learned along the way, and believe that it’s important to spread knowledge as much as you absorb it.

I live along the northern California coast with my mystical fiancé and our two dogs Bastian and Caprio.

(Some of my previous work is credited under my birth name, Michael Aaron Yakutis.)